NorthStar Operating


NorthStar Operating Company, formerly known as Limark, is actively engaged in prospecting and/or purchasing properties. The company was founded to manage oil and gas properties with a minimal amount of expense to the joint interest owner. We pride ourselves on the fact that our overhead rates have remained below the average for the area of operation. NorthStar has expanded its initial operations from Crane and Pecos Counties to include the Permian Basin (Texas and New Mexico) and Wyoming. We currently operate over 100 wells and are bonded to operate on Fee, State and Federal Lands. Should you be interested in selling operated or non-operated production, prospects, overriding royalty interest, royalty interest, or mineral interest, please contact us.

Various companies and individuals outsource portions of their workload to NorthStar for contract operations, field operations, joint interest accounting, marketing, payment of oil and gas lease rentals or shut-in royalties. NorthStar also manages all types of oil and gas interests including working interest, overriding royalty interest, royalty interest and mineral interest. Should you desire more information regarding NorthStar's outsourcing capabilities, please contact us.